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Sound Quality

The sound out of the PC150 is much like the rest of the headset - fine, but nothing special. One can run around a level of Unreal Tournament 2004, play Pink Floyd albums or watch Star Wars and have no problems with the PC150 in toe, but don't expect anything mind blowing.

The headset manages to keep out most mildly obtrusive noises but this is to be expected of a mid-range headset like this. It also provides some decent bass, which is overlooked far too much by headset manufacturers these days and while it won't live up to the Medusa's it will provide better sound than say the Creative HN-505.


The mind numbing boringness of reviewing the PC150's should say it all. It's nothing special for your money and considering some of the other toys on offer in this feature alone, one might consider spending it somewhere else. Of special note is the absolutely useless microphone; for one it's about as adjustable as a brick wall and the arm does not have nearly enough reach, leaving the mic itself permanently about an inch away from where it should be on the users head. Even then if you raise your voice, the microphone fails to pick up the noise at an adequate level leaving the sound being sent over a VoIP connection, for example, to be quite muted.

Buy them only if you're in desperate need of a stopgap headset. Otherwise, save your money and buy something else from the shopping list put forward here.

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