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Assembly Part 2: Now, For All Of The Parts That Fit...

System Builder Marathon, Q2 2013: $2500 Performance PC

With the CPU cooler’s support plate properly trimmed into something that looks quite a bit less universal, the rest of the parts fits together easily. The Kraken X40’s 140 mm fan is mounted backwards, blowing cool air into its radiator and toward the front of the case.

The Prodigy’s side-panel SSD mount is both ingenious and unintuitive, since it makes room where none would have existed, yet requires the side panel to be installed before some internal parts. I would have preferred an extra hole to reach into, frankly.

I could have put the 2.5” drive in the bottom cage instead, but chose to leave that open just in case there's a RAID 1 array in this system's future.

The single 3.5” drive I did install simply snapped onto its support pins. Check that. I did need to pry a bit with a sharp object to get the pins back into their noise-dampening rubber grommets. Actually, I had to fuss with the pins quite a bit. This really is a challenging design, but only in tiny and obnoxious ways.

Medium-sized power supplies fit, but the extra cables of a non-modular unit would have eaten up most of the space in the lower hard drive cage. It’s also easier to connect some of the power cables before inserting the power supply. With those parts in place, assembly is nearly complete.

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