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Results: Adobe Creative Suite

System Builder Marathon, Q2 2014: A Balanced High-End Build

Adobe After Effects is the one application we test that benefits noticeably from platforms with more than 8 GB of RAM. Access to a $2400 budget last quarter allowed me to splurge on 16 GB, and the results look almost artificially high. We've seen this behavior before though, and know it accurately represents our custom workload.

Using our CPU-based filters, Adobe Photoshop shows all three Core i7-4770K delivering identical performance. Overclocked, the platforms scale proportionally to our success tuning each machine. Unfortunately, that means my meager overclock this quarter lands in last place.

Acrobat is single-threaded, and it responds to clock rate in a comparison of platforms based on the same architecture. Don's $1600 configuration from last quarter is the exception at its stock settings. That might be attributable to poorly-configured memory.

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