Holiday Buyer's Guide 2006, Part 7: More Mobile Stuff

Cableyoyo's Cool Feet

For the low-tech solution to cooler running laptops at a fractional cost of the Zalman NC-1000, check out Cool Feet by Cableyoyo (MSRP $12.95). How it works is self-evident: adhesive plates stick to the underside of your notebook and affix the Cableyoyo Cool Feet to your notebook, allowing it to stand up off the desktop to permit airflow where there otherwise would be none. Cool Feet pop on and off at your leisure, so they're not a permanent fixture (and a storage inconvenience) when you're on the go.

Angled feet create an ideal ergonomic arrangement for your notebook when laid on a flat, even surface, so your hands and wrists experience minimal strain and stress. The feet being removable is a definite plus, though they may obscure ventilation slots on the underside of some notebooks. The rubbery material on the feet keeps your notebook in place even if you're a messy typist.

Although the Cool Feet may not exude the coolness factor of Zalman's monster docking station, it will provide you with the luxury of an air-cooled underside, which is significantly better than letting heat pool and stagnate. And we don't want to venture down the footpath of frustration following an overheated notebook - not when there are such cost-effective solutions available.

Cableyoyo packages their Cool Feet with a pair of big and small pads, four transparent low-gloss adhesive plates, and a red carrying pouch. At $12.95, it makes an attractive stocking stuffer. If you can't find Cool Feet, check out Cableyoyo's website at

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