Holiday Buyer's Guide 2006, Part 7: More Mobile Stuff

Scottvest Tech Enabled Clothing

We always have fun with Scottvest tech enabled clothing, as this gigantic photo of Sarah in a gigantic Scottvest jacket demonstrates. She's wearing the Sport Tec jacket, which, of course, is no longer available. But you can find lots of similar stuff on the company's website.

The old saying "you are what you wear" certainly applies to jackets, shirts and caps from Scottvest. If you're a techie, Scott Jordan has just what you need to carry your prized electronics in style. Scott's there with an answer for just about anything: a digital music player, PDA, small PC, camera or all those can't-do-withouts like water, keys, your wallet and sunglasses.

Scottvest products have conveniently located pockets to hold electronic devices, accessories and personal items. There are also wiring channels so you can store your device in a pocket and safely and securely run wires from the device to another place on the jacket, shirt or cap. For example for a digital music player, you would run the device's earbuds cord through a wiring channel to locate the earbuds where you can easily place them in your ears. The iPod in the picture is sticking out of its pocket. In normal use the player would be safely ensconced inside the zippered pocket.

As winter approaches super warm Scottvest jackets are a perfect gift for you or a friend or relative. If it gets too warm, just unzip the sleeves and turn your jacket into, well... a Scottvest.

Scottvest products are available from the company itself and from a number of vendors listed at

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