Hot Contraband: P4 With 3.6 GHz

DirectX 7 Games: 3D Mark 2000

3D Mark 2000 demonstrates the Direct3D performance of DirectX 7 under Windows XP. The winner by a wide margin is the Intel P4/3600, with 17078 points. Freaks need special cooling and a patched graphics driver for this score!

DirectX 8 Games: 3D Mark 2001 SE

3D Mark 2001 demonstrates the Direct3D performance of DirectX 8 under Windows XP. The upshot of this test is that the P4 leads the field with 13,745 points. Off-the-shelf PC systems usually score 2000 points!

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  • youssef 2010
    Now we can see that the ones who expected intel to exceed 4 GHz were completely wrong,as Intel failed to cool its 3.8GHz processor sufficiently