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Benchmark Results: Maxon Cinebench 11.5

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Cinebench is a freely-available benchmarking utility based on Maxon’s Cinema 4D animation software. Cinema 4D sees a lot of use in corporate animation and motion graphics work because of its integration with Adobe After Effects. It gets play as a matte painting tool in TV and feature films due to specialized features built into the software specifically for that task. And its BodyPaint 3D painting module sees extensive use at many levels of the digital content creation industry.

The benchmark consists of two tests, one testing OpenGL performance and one testing rendering performance.

These tests are run with Aero both off and on to see if there was any significant impact on the system performance. Really, there wasn’t much of a performance hit with the desktop feature enabled.

Hyper-Threading didn’t make any difference in the OpenGL test, which isolates graphics performance. But it makes a drastic difference in the render test, which naturally taxes CPU horsepower.

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