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HTPC 8000 Component Installation

Stealthy HTPC: Two Cases To Hide Your Inner-Geek

The HTPC 8000 supports large components in most locations, including high-capacity power supplies that are up to 10" long. But we chose our components based on what would also fit into the other case for this review.

The HTPC 8000 installation kit includes fine- and coarse-thread case screws, cable ties, replacement rubber dampeners for the upper hard drive mounts, and shoulder screws for use with the rubber dampeners.

nMedia suggests installing the first two hard drives in the lower 3.5” bays, without the benefit of rubber dampeners. The optical drive is also screwed directly to the rack, but the combination is solid enough to reduce vibrations.

Our oversized power supply and a GeForce GTX 285 slipped into the system without issue, with excess cable length stuffed between the motherboard and front panel. Extra space at the motherboard's bottom edge would have allowed us to substitute a full ATX motherboard for the micro-ATX part we chose, while extra space beneath the drives would have allowed a much larger and quieter CPU cooler to be used.

Unfortunately, the front panel optical drive eject button did not reach that of any of our drives, even when fully depressed. A 1/8” spacer was required regardless of drive model.

We found our 1/8” spacer in the form of the yellowish-clear self-adhesive button seen above. Available online as cabinet door bumpers, these buttons should also be available at some home-supply stores. nMedia, unfortunately, did not supply this part, and we’re certain that the button spacing issue will cause some grief for most builders.

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