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iBuypower 942IL Gamer: Best of the Best?
By , Shelton Romhanyi

The iBuypower Gamer 942IL represents some of the best hardware you can get, regardless of cost, assembled and backed with a 30-day return policy, one year parts and three year labor warranty, and lifetime tech support.

Did the overclocked 4.01 GHz E8400 dual-core processor in the Überclok Reactor win its share of benchmarks against the QX9770 in the 942IL? Sure, on some occasions by a small margin. But don’t forget that the Qx9770 can also be overclocked into the 4.0 GHz range…

…of course, for our review, the iBuypower 942IL was overclocked a little to 3.52 GHz to help it show off. And while we understand iBuypower’s desire to demonstrate what their hardware can do, it’s probably not appropriate to have done so if it’s not something they support or cover with their warranty. Conversely, the Überclok Reactor system is fully warranted in its overclocked state; this is a hard fact to ignore, and says a lot for Überclok.

Still, we shouldn’t forget what the iBuypower Gamer 942IL is and what it stands for. Make no mistake: this system was not designed to represent the best value, just some of the fastest hardware money can buy. Top of the line CPU, motherboard, memory and graphics cards might not be a smart way to spend your money, but if you want the best of what’s out there, you are going to have to pay for it. And if you can afford to pay for it, iBuypower has you covered.

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