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Power and Efficiency

Battle Of The Boutique Behemoths: iBuyPower Vs. Maingear PC

iBuyPower gets four GPUs of graphics power through two physical cards, while Maingear’s three graphics processors are divided across three boards. Which system consumes more power?

Under a simulated full GPU load, Maingear's system consumes 16% more power than iBuyPower's system does. Higher idle power leads to iBuyPower’s 4% higher wattage under the CPU load of eight Prime95 x64 threads.

Maingear’s 14% overall performance advantage in games falls short of its 16% greater energy use for a 2% lower efficiency rating. Also remember that many of Maingear’s wins came at lower resolutions that $4,200 system buyers won’t want to use.

Maingear’s approximate 2% performance lead in encoding and productivity puts its efficiency well above iBuyPower in non-gaming applications.

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