New IDE Hard Drives at 20 GB per Platter: Fujitsu MPG3409 and Western Digital WD400

Fujitsu MPG3409AT, Continued

Fujitsu MPG3xxxAT
Capacity 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 GB
Rotation Speed 5.400 rpm
Average Seek Time 9.5 ms
Cache Memory 2048 kB
Warranty 3 Years

Acoustic Management

Fujitsu's MPG-family features acoustic management. Using a little software tool, you can adjust if the drive should access as fast or as quiet as possible. Most of you certainly know the cracking noise, which every hard drive makes during read or write access. After applying the Fujitsu acoustic management utility, the access noise is indeed more like a dull rushing instead of the cracky sound. Please be aware that you "pay" for the lower noise level by a disk access time, which is 2-3 ms longer! If that is okay for you, you will get a very quiet hard drive.

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