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Color Gamut, Accuracy, And Calibration

Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Review: Our First Table PC

The standard sRGB color gamut is nearly covered by the IdeaCentre Horizon at 97%, though a mere 75% of Adobe’s larger gamut is displayed. Lenovo appears to be shooting for the value market here, and the unit’s $1500 price is probably somewhere on that target.

Average Delta E is acceptable at 1.19, particularly in the value market, but 1F teal blue is significantly off-spec. Grey scale is nearly perfect with a maximum Delta E of 1.07.

One of the nice things about Lenovo’s display is that it doesn’t require much calibration out-of-the-box. Casual users will likely only need to adjust brightness, which is good since that’s the only manual control on the chassis.

Greens are pulled back slightly and blues slightly more by Datacolor’s calibrator, but the original curve wasn’t very far off target.

Calibration software requested a manual brightness setting of around 80%, and my compliance with that request is reflected in its information bar.

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