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Viewing Angles, Gamma, And Luminance

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Review: One Flexible Ultrabook

Once exposed to a quality IPS display, there’s no going back. You’ve been warned!

As its name suggests, the Yoga 13 sports a 13.3” display. The 1600x900 HD+ IPS panel, made by Chi Mei Corporation (model #: N133FGE-L31), is fused with an OEM 10-point multi-touch digitizing layer and then finished off with a protective shield of Corning Gorilla Glass.

Viewing Angles

As alluded to earlier, this formula produces high-quality viewing as well as responsive tactile navigation. The image is easy on the eyes from virtually any usable angle, even if reflections are unavoidable.

Again, this is the case with virtually all glass-screened mobile devices, so it falls within the same “no-biggie” category as those fingerprints that require constant cleaning.

Let’s take a more technical look at the visual display performance of the Yoga 13. The following graphics are produced by the Datacolor software suite and show the stock Yoga 13 display performance as shipped from the Lenovo factory.


The accurate gamma 2.2 rating shows us that the display is capable of reproducing natural colors, even in low-light environments.

Luminance Uniformity

The luminance uniformity of the Yoga 13’s display panel is good in the center of the screen, but quickly degrades towards the bottom and top edges. Although marginal, anything above a 10% variance is disappointing.

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