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Benchmark Results: PCMark Vantage Storage Test

Intel SSD 310 80 GB: Little Notebooks Get Big Storage Flexibility

PCMark Vantage comes as close as we get to approximating real-world performance using a synthetic benchmark. The Application Loading metric measures disk drive performance while loading Microsoft Word 2007, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Internet Explorer 7, and Outlook 2007.

The Gaming test results are even more interesting. Using >99% streaming reads, the Intel 310 wins this one, followed by the other three SSDs.

The video editing test is split more evenly between reads and writes. Here, the 310 falls behind the OCZ drives, despite previously seeing the X25-M lead the pack.

A Windows Defender scan in Windows Vista favors Intel's 310. It’s interesting that OCZ's Vertex 2 trails by a decent margin.

Divided fairly evenly between reads and writes, the 310 again pulls ahead of the pack. Our Vertex 2 drive fails this test, so it could not generate an overall HDD Suite score.

Intel falls into a middle position here. Again, the two OCZ drives show very divergent characteristics. We can only assume that the data involved in this metric is not handled well by specific versions of SandForce’s firmware. The stock firmware here does better than OCZ's optimized brew.

The photo import test is also mostly read-based, so it isn't a surprise to see Intel pull ahead.

The results are fairly tight between Intel and OCZ, though the first pulls ahead by a small margin. Remember that this is naturally almost all read-based.

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