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Performance Benchmarks: Peacekeeper, Dromaeo DOM, And Acid3 Speed

Web Browser Grand Prix 3: IE9 Enters The Race


Chrome once again bests arch-rival Opera in the Peacekeeper benchmark, scoring 11 000 to Opera's 10 000. Microsoft upsets Apple, as the new IE9 finishes in third place, nearly 1500 points ahead of Safari. Firefox 3.6.15 again falls to last place, with just over 3300 points.

Dromaeo DOM

While the JavaScript portion of Mozilla's Dromeao benchmarking suite has been shelved in favor of Kraken, the DOM portion never gave us any problems--until now. For some reason, Chrome crashes early on in Dromaeo's full DOM test suite, displaying the sad-faced tab.

Unfortunately, Chrome must be disqualified from this benchmark; it will not receive any points, and this test will be removed from its average.

Opera comes in first, more than 1000 points ahead of second-place Safari. IE9 places fourth, and Firefox continues to take a beating in last place.

Acid3 Speed

Only the Web browsers that scored a full 100 out of 100 in the Acid3 test were timed for speed. 

Safari is in first, coming in just a hair ahead of Opera, with third-place Chrome taking twice as long to finish. 

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