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Results: F1 2012

Is This Even Fair? Budget Ivy Bridge Takes On Core 2 Duo And Quad

F1 2012 is one of Codemasters’ popular DirectX 11 racing titles based on its own Ego Engine 2.0.

This game appears well-optimized for quad-core processors, allowing the 2.83 GHz Core 2 Quad to easily best a 4.0 GHz Core 2 Duo. With that said, all of our CPUs remain capable enough of playing through this title fluidly. There were no noticeable stutters and, apart from one dip, frame rates remained above 40 FPS.

Subjected to the Ultra detail preset, our dual-core processors only deliver half of the Core i5-3570K's performance, at best. There’s certainly a good reason to buy a quad-core or Hyper-Threaded dual-core CPU for this title, but F1 2012 is still playable with a respectable dual-core processor.

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