Jetway's 915P-TWIN Mobo: One PC, Two Users

Be Careful When Shutting Down Windows

We found shutting down Windows to be an event that can easily cause trouble with the other MagicTWIN user. If one user decides to shut the system down, the other console will receive a warning message that shows a 25 second count down. During this period, this console’s user may abort the shutdown process.

If she does not abort, e.g. because of being absent, the system will continue and shutdown as planned. At this point, all files that have not been saved will be lost !

As long as two users are working on the system it makes much sense to confirm restarts or a system shutdown before pressing buttons.

Test Setup

Intel Processors (Socket 775)
800 MHz FSB (Dual DDR) Intel Pentium 4 Processor 560 (3.6 GHz)
Motherboard Jetway 915P-TWIN
Intel 915P
BIOS 915xbgF5
DDR 400 2x 512 MB Corsair CMX512-3200XL
running at DDR400 (200 MHz)
Timings : CL 2-2-2-5
Common Hardware
Graphics Card NVIDIA Geforce 6 Series
GPU : Nvidia Geforce 6800 GT
Memory : 256 MB GDDR3-SDRAM
Hard Drive Western Digital WD2500JB
250 GB, 8 MB Cache, 7,200 rpm
Soundcard Sound Blaster Live ! Value CT4830
NVIDIA Graphics Detonator Ver. 61.77
Intel Chipset Driver Installation Utility
DirectX Version : 9c
MagicTwin 4.02.156
OS Windows XP Professional, 5.1.2600, Service Pack 1
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