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Killer Xeno Pro: Do You Really Need A Gaming Network Card?

Installation of the card is simple–just find an empty PCIe slot and you're off to the races. From there, though, things can get a little trickier.

We tested the Killer Xeno Pro on a Windows Vista 64-bit operating system, and in addition to the driver we got on the CD, our contact let us know that there was a hotfix we had to download from the Bigfoot Networks Web site. So we installed the software and were good to go. Or so we thought...

Initial testing demonstrated that the Killer Xeno Pro's Bandwidth Control feature wasn't working. Different bandwidth settings had no effect on our download speeds through both Internet Explorer and uTorrent, so we went through a troubleshooting process with the Bigfoot Networks technical support staff. In the end, while the card seemed to be operating properly from a hardware perspective, we couldn't get bandwidth control to work on two separate test systems.

I am told this hasn't happened before, so we got a second test sample card and tried again with the same unpleasant result. Knowing something was odd, I tried the card on a third test system and hit pay dirt. Bandwidth Control seemed to work in Firefox, although not in uTorrent. Note the picture below, where we've set applications to be limited to 16 Kb/s for testing purposes. Remember, 16 kilobits is about 2 kilobytes, so Firefox is correctly being throttled down to about 2 KB per file transfer. The uTorrent application is still charging along at about 100 KB/s total download speed.

This is not an ideal result, but now I could at least test the Killer Xeno Pro in a working environment where the Bandwidth Control feature could be tested.

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