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The Paperwhite Under Various Lighting Conditions

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review: The Best E-Book Reader?

Next, let's compare the Kindle Paperwhite under various lighting conditions and brightness settings.

Regardless of whether you use it in bright sunlight or in a well-lit room, the Paperwhite looks surprisingly natural. Truly, like a piece of paper. There's no washout, and text appears crisp throughout the display.

Even when we dial it down to 66% brightness, the Paperwhite still manages to look great.

In poorly-lit environments, Amazon recommends setting the Paperwhite to a low brightness level. If you’re in complete darkness, you can even dial the brightness down to its absolute minimum and still read the screen reasonably well. The Kindle Paperwhite presents a perfect solution for those of us keeping our significant others up at night with a bedside lamp.

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