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Results: F1 2012 And Tomb Raider

PowerColor LCS AXR9 290X: Water Makes Hawaii Comfortable

Unlike our canned Metro: Last Light benchmark, F1 2012 and Tomb Raider don’t generate their own frame rate-over-time charts. With fewer images on a page, I bundled both tests together.

High Quality isn’t an adequate preset for gauging high-end graphics performance in F1 2012, since the game is either CPU- or RAM-limited all the way through 5760x1080. That's surprising given our 4.5 GHz CPU and DDR3-2133 CAS 9 memory. But it goes to show how fast these graphics cards are.

Given the tight bottlenecks at other settings, I find F1 2012’s results at 5760x1080 using the Ultra preset incredible. I simply can’t believe that air-cooled card is being pushed hard enough to throttle back at this setting.

Tomb Raider’s overall performance reflects some of the differences we'd expect to see between air- and liquid-cooled cards at low ambient temperatures, though a broader spread at lower resolutions doesn't make as much sense.

The good news in that Tomb Raider is smooth on a single Radeon R9 290X all the way through 5760x1080. My test notes show that minimum performance doesn't drop below 34 FPS on any of the tested configurations.

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