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Results: Battlefield 4

PowerColor LCS AXR9 290X: Water Makes Hawaii Comfortable

The PowerColor LCS AXR9 290X's clock rate advantage again barely outpaces the air-cooled card at low ambient temperatures, which are ideal, but rarely faced by folks in warmer climates. And dropping to the card's Quiet mode appears to trigger slight throttling in this title.

So why ship this liquid-cooled card with AMD's Quiet firmware selected by default? We're not certain; what we do know is that this switch uses the unaltered firmware from the original air-cooled Radeon R9 290X.

Gamers looking for minimum frame rates around 40 FPS will want to use PowerColor’s Uber firmware and the High preset, while those looking to maximize the title's graphics detail will likely prefer the Ultra setting.

At an average of 33 FPS, we have to start wondering if the Ultra detail level at 5760x1080 is a reasonable combination for playable performance.

The good news is that minimum frame rates aren’t much lower than averages in our test. The LCS AXR9 290X's 27 FPS floor is largely acceptable as we proceed through this taxing graphics-bound benchmark sequence.

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