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Lenovo Software

Lenovo Erazer X700 Gaming PC Review: Is It As Fast As It Looks?

The Erazer X700’s motherboard includes Reatek’s high-end ALC892 audio codec, but Lenovo doesn’t license DTS-Connect or any of the codec’s other added-cost features. It does include PowerDVD 10, though.

CyberLink’s Power2Go usually comes in a low-cost combo deal with its PowerDVD software, so Lenovo includes that too. Once again, notice that burning software detects the drive of this X700 as a BD-R, even though system documentation does not indicate write capability for this format.

As with most tier-one PCs, the X700 includes a recovery partition to restore its original software state. But Lenovo also includes system recovery software, which lets you back up the entire contents of a drive.

The delivered configuration’s 2 TB of additional storage could come in handy for backing up an SSD, though  you can also pick external storage to back up any of the installed drives.

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