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Level 10 Internals

Thermaltake Level 10 And SilverStone Fortress 2: Contemporary Cases?

Removing the back panel is required for cable routing, since the compartments on the case’s left-hand side are completely separated.

This is how the left-hand side looks with the unit completely open, but with the motherboard tray, power supply basket, and 5.25” external bay covers still installed. Thermaltake includes the same SSI CEB bolt-through and CPU cooler mounting holes as we previously saw in SilverStone’s Fortress 2. Two more sets of dual-CPU bolt-through support holes are undocumented.

Notice that only the top-two hard drive bays have any “stuff” in the access hole. That “stuff” includes two hot-plug connectors and two 60 mm cooling fans. When the Level 10 leaves the factory, it’s only outfitted to hold two hard drives.

Thermaltake, like competitor SilverStone, neglects high-end storage users by providing hot-plug connectors that support only SATA drives when dual-compatibility SAS connectors have similar manufacturing costs. Thermaltake includes “twice as many” hot-plug connectors at a total of two, but SilverStone makes the substitution of standard cables far easier with its open-back cage design. The missing connectors and SAS incompatibility are notable omissions by both brands when pitted against a premium market.

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