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Benchmark Results: Synthetic

Enthusiast P55: Eight LGA 1156 Boards Between $150 And $200

3DMark likes Biostar, which makes some sense given its slight lead in one of our games.

PCMark favors the TPower I55 with a higher HDD performance score. We’ve never fully investigated the effect of EIST and high C-states on HDD performance, but a win this large is unexpected.

As with WinZip, Foxconn also takes a marked lead in Sandra’s Whestone bench.

Rounding issues make Biostar’s numbers look larger than those of the leading ASRock motherboard in Sandra Memory Bandwidth--19.84 plus 19.84 is larger than 19.75 plus 19.85. Because this is the only benchmark ASRock truly won (it also had some first-place ties), now would be a great time to remind readers that we had to test the board at 134.3 MHz, as opposed to the 132.9 MHz-133.7 MHz competing models used.

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