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SilverStone Fortress 2 USB 3.0

Quiet Gaming Cases, Part 3: Lian Li, Nanoxia, And SilverStone

This most recent version of the familiar SilverStone Fortress 2 replaces the old ports with USB 3.0, adds 2.5” drive support to its internal 3.5” drive trays, and substitutes an earlier version of the firm’s 180 mm fan for its latest Air Penetrator model.

Our silver “S” version is also available in black (FT02B-USB3.0).

The structure of this latest incarnation is all the same; only the ports are changed. A sliding silver cover up top hides the front-panel ports.

The Fortress 2 flips traditional case design on its face, placing intake fans at the bottom and rear-panel ports on top. Since part of it is also visible from the sides, the Fortess 2’s easily-removable top panel is more of a cap, really. This cap hides the motherboard's rear I/O plate and connections behind a mesh grille, giving cables a healthy 2.8” of clearance between the mesh top and back panel. Cables are routed through a hole towards the upper rear of the case, allowing them all to exit in one clean bundle.

For all of its forward-thinking design, the Fortress 2's power supply hangs from the rear of the top panel somewhat like early towers. Therefore, the rear vent serves as the power supply intake, with a snap-off cover providing dust filtration.

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