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More PC-B12 Features

Quiet Gaming Cases, Part 3: Lian Li, Nanoxia, And SilverStone

Medium-density foam lines the PC-B12’s top, side, and front panels, while two more strips of foam dampen potential noise from the power supply.

Instead of relying on old-fashioned screws, the PC-B12 employs latches that plunge straight into screw holes for the easy installation or removal of expansion cards. While this design works with most cards, you can still use screws on those that don't, since the bracket holding the latches is easy to remove.

Pins attached to an aluminum arm swing into the screw holes of 5.25” external devices for similarly tool-less installation and removal.

Lian Li cleans up the PC-B12’s tight cable situation by ditching the irrelevant AC'97 audio header, and only using a USB 3.0 internal header. Anyone whose board lacks an internal USB 3.0 connector will find a USB 2.0 internal header adapter in the installation kit.

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