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SilverStone Nitrogon NT06-Pro

Eight Low-Profile CPU Coolers For Your Compact PC, Reviewed

Forget the word Nitrogon in your product searches, as most vendors refer to SilverStone’s latest low-profile cooler simply as the NT06-Pro. Designed to hold two fans, the single included fan complies with the low-profile requirements of many builders. Today, that includes us.

An intricate mounting kit includes a separate screw set for LGA 2011, cross brackets for Intel and AMD sockets, extension screws and spacers, a socket support plate for all compatible sockets except LGA 2011, and a spacer for boards that don’t have a built-in support plate (LGA 775).

SilverStone sands the NT06-Pro’s copper base to an ultra-smooth finish before plating the entire cooler in corrosion-resistant nickel. Short fins above the base provide access for mounting screws.

The NT06-Pro uses a variant of carriage-bolt design to prevent turning of the mounting screws in its base plate. The plate has holes for LGA 775, 1150/1155/1156, 1366, and the four-hole rectangular pattern used to hold AMD’s specified clip brackets.

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