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Geil EVO Leggera DDR3-1333

Six Low-Voltage Dual-Channel 8 GB Memory Kits, Overclocked

Golden Emperor International Limited took up a tough challenge in today’s competition, knowing that its DDR3-1333, 1.50 V-rated memory would need to face up to both 1.35 V and 1.50 V tests. So confident was Geil that it submitted these modules in spite of the fact that limited availability (Europe and Asia) would disqualify the kit from a U.S.–based award.

Anyone in the U.S. who cares to order these via overseas shipping will find several international vendors selling at a price around $75, so even an unofficial win could still be big news for this company.

Detected as DDR3-1333 CAS 9 and lacking any XMP-based auto-overclocking profiles, Geil’s part number GEL38GB1333C9DC carries the same limited lifetime warranty as every Geil DRAM product.

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