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WebGL Performance Benchmarks

Web Browser Grand Prix VIII: Chrome 16, Firefox 9, And Mac OS X

Mozilla WebGL FishIE Tank

We reduced the number of fish in this test to 2000 due to the more limited graphics hardware on the MacBook Air.

Firefox leads Chrome by 21 FPS in Windows 7, while Google holds a ten-frame lead over Mozilla in Mac OS X.

Strangely, Chrome did not display any fish in Mac OS X, though the frame rate fluctuated as if the test was working properly. While this benchmark puts Chrome in the lead on OS X, we have to consider this odd behavior in our final analysis.

Google WebGL Solar System

Firefox again has the edge over Chrome in Windows 7, this time by 5 FPS. Firefox manages to take the gold in Mac OS X, again leading Chrome by nearly five frames per second.

WebGL Composite

When both WebGL tests are averaged, Firefox has a clear lead in Windows 7, while Chrome has the advantage in Mac OS X by 1 FPS.

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