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True Portability In A Gaming Powerhouse?

MALIBAL's Lotus P150HM: GeForce GTX 485M Gets Its Game On

While portable gaming machines have been capable of producing acceptable frame rates in modern titles for a while, most of those machines made huge sacrifices in portability by using desktop-class processors and a pair of graphics modules in CrossFire or SLI. Intel’s latest high-end mobile processor solved half the problem, but how did Nvidia’s new GPU stack up?

While a single GeForce GTX 485M may not be a substitute for putting a couple of slower cards in SLI (you can do SLI with the GTX 485 too, in the right chassis), its overall performance level is well-suited to most gaming needs. We were able to play a variety of tough 3D titles at moderately-high or better settings using the panel’s native 1920x1080 resolution and the best part is, we did that on a notebook that weighs only seven pounds.

Performance wins for Intel and Nvidia add up to a big win for any notebook that has both of these, such as the Lotus P150HM from MALIBAL. We look forward to the responses of its competitors.

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