Market Survey, Part 1: A Comparison Of The Latest Pentium 4 Motherboards

DFI LANParty 925X-T2, Continued

The vivid colors allow users to always locate the right connections, even in poorly-lit environments.

The orange slots of the 925X-T2 board are fluorescent and glow when exposed to UV light.

This "Wire Sleeving Kit" included in the DFI package lets you get your cables glowing too, with the help of a UV lamp.
DFI 925X-T2 (Rev. A)
Platform Socket LGA775
Northbridge Intel 925X
Southbridge Intel ICH6R
BIOS (01/13/2005) BETA
Memory DDRII-400/533
Connectors onboard/panel
USB 2.0 6 / 1
IEEE1394/Firewire 1 / 1 (small)
Serial COM Port none / 1
Parallel LPT Port none / 1
Game none / none
LAN 2 / none
WLAN none / none
SATA 4 / 1 (then 3 onboard)
Audio analog 8 / none
Audio digital 2 / 1
Connectors onboard only
PCIe 16x 1
PCIe 1x 2
IDE (PATA) 2 and 1 to SATA adapter
Fan 4 pins (CPU) 1
Fan 3 pins (System) 2
Mass Storage Controller
ICH6R 2x IDE (ATA100)
4x SATA (RAID 0,1,0+1)
Marevell 88E8001-LKJ PCIe 1x 1 Gbit/s LAN
Marevell 88E8053-NNC PCIe 1x 1 Gbit/s LAN
Realtek ALC880 AC97
VIA VT6307 2x 1394 (400 Mbit/s)
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