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Results: Power Consumption

Micron M500DC 800 GB SSD Review: Cloud And Web 2.0 Storage

With a firm understanding of how our power testing works, let's check out the results. First up is Active Idle. 

We're adding Samsung's 843 to the chart, since it's based on the notoriously frugal 840 Pro. Micron's M500DC hovers around 1 W through most of our measurement. That's roughly 50% higher than the two Intel drives and almost three times higher than the 843. There are IT professionals out there who like using enterprise storage in laptops and portable workstations. Due to its lack of DIPM and relatively high idle power, the M500DC would not be an ideal SSD for those on battery power, though.

A look at the power consumption from our sequential and random workloads shows the M500DC in the middle to high-end of the field. Unfortunately, the discipline where the M500DC excels, random write performance, is also where it draws a lot of power. Excluding the P400m, Micron's M500DC is over 1 W higher than the other SSDs in that test. 

Once again, the M500DC is in the middle of the field. Granted, the SSDs we're testing include several different capacities, and fewer components in a drive mean less power consumption. So, it'd make sense that the M500DC and SSD DC S3700 are near the bottom. In an ideal world, all SSDs would be sampled in identical capacities to make comparisons easier. But that's just not the case.

Don't overlook the fact that Micron rates its M500DC at 6.2 W, and we were unable to push it past 5 W in any of our tests.

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