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Results: 4 KB Random Performance And Latency

Micron M500DC 800 GB SSD Review: Cloud And Web 2.0 Storage

We knew going into our testing that the M500DC's random read performance wouldn't match most of our comparison drives. Iometer demonstrates exactly that, too. In fact, the only drive Micron beats at high queue depths is the company's P400m, its other enterprise-oriented SATA-attached SSD. The M500DC isn't positioned as a read-focused product though, so this result comes as no surprise.

The M500DC shines more brightly in random write performance. Its 800 GB model consistently exceeds the 24,000 IOPS claimed in Micron's datasheet. Compared to more read-oriented SSDs that hover in the 10,000 IOPS range, the M500DC delivers excellent performance.

We would have liked to test the 480 GB model as well. Micron says it should do 35,000 IOPS, and dropping that on the competition would have put it on equal footing as SanDisk's first-place Optimus Eco at 400 GB.

Average response time measurements put Micron's M500DC in the middle of the pack, which corroborates our IOPS testing.

Maximum response time lands slightly higher than the best enterprise-focused SSDs, though 26.54 ms is still a great result.

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