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SanDisk microSDHC (Class 4, 8 GB) And Mobile Ultra microSDHC (Class 4, 16 GB)

Round-Up: 15 microSDHC Cards, Benchmarked And Reviewed
By , Achim Roos

The US-based manufacturer SanDisk is, according to its press releases, the largest manufacturer of flash-based products in the world. Befitting this position, SanDisk offers a complete portfolio of memory cards. The company presents the microSDHC cards on its site’s Mobile Memory section, aiming them at owners of smartphones.

The Mobile Ultra microSDHC card is intended for transferring files between a mobile phone and a PC, which is why it comes with a USB card reader. We tested both the 8 GB SanDisk microSDHC card and the 16 GB SanDisk Mobile Ultra microSDHC. According to the manufacturer, both are Class 4 products.

Class 4 is a real understatement for the Mobile Ultra microSDHC model. Defying its designation, our test sample ran rings around many of the Class 10 cards and exhibited good to excellent read and write performance in all benchmarks. Clocking in at 22.8 MB/s, it even took the lead in our sequential read test. However, it is not quite as fast in the sequential write benchmark, achieving 15.8 MB/s. The card also demonstrates very strong random read and write performance, again winning first place in these categories.

The 8 GB SanDisk microSDHC cannot quite live up to the results demonstrated by its fast Mobile Ultra brother. It really is a Class 4 card, clocking in at 11.6 MB/s sequential reads and 6.1 MB/s sequential writes. Compared to other Class 4 cards, it is fairly slow. Interestingly, the Class 4 Silicon Power microSDHC memory card exhibits precisely the same speed in all benchmarks.

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