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nForce Chipsets

Migrating from Windows to Linux, Part 1: Preparation

Selecting the nForce Linux drivers on NVIDIA's website

People with NVIDIA nforce chipset-based motherboards will need to download the nForce drivers here . The nForce drivers have support for on-board audio and networking. You also might want to download and print out the instructions.


Getting Linux to work with laptops used to be a chore, but no longer. You can check other people's Linux laptop experiences by going to this informative website ( ). Step-by-step instructions are given for most laptops.


Printing has gotten much easier in Linux. HP has released Linux drivers for most of their printers ( ). Other printer drivers can be found at this website ( )

Graphics Cards

Selecting Linux ATi drivers from the ATi website

Selecting Linux NVIDIA drivers from NVIDIA's website

Your graphics card should be automatically detected by Linux, but to get the most performance, you should download the Linux drivers from the manufacturer. ATi has their Linux drivers here and NVIDIA has their drivers here .

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