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Results: Synthetics

System Builder Marathon, Q2 2013: $1300 Enthusiast PC

The previous build's Tahiti-powered Radeon HD 7870 is outgunned by Nvidia's GeForce GTX 680; we know this. Futuremark's 3DMark 11 should give us a taste of what we can expect in the game benchmarks.

As expected, the GeForce does score an easy win in this synthetic. Then again, when you consider that it costs $200 less, the Radeon board has nothing to apologize for. It remains a solid value around $250.

While the 3DMark Overall and Graphics components are GPU-dependent, the Physics score is CPU-bound. Consequently, that one doesn't change much, since both systems rely on Intel's Core i5-3570K.

Despite the identical processors, PCMark is weighted towards storage performance, and the mini-ITX machine's SSD helps a lot there.

The Sandra modules are closely linked to CPU and memory performance. Since both systems are very similar, there's little to report on except that the mini-ITX build enjoys a minor bandwidth advantage.

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