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Game Benchmarks: Medium Detail, 1080p

Seven Small (But Powerful) Mini-PCs, Reviewed

It just wouldn't be fair to ASRock's VisionX if we didn't try more challenging settings, even if Intel's HD Graphics 4000-based platforms get hammered. So, we turn up the resolution to 1920x1080 at more taxing levels of detail.

Even with a more intensive workload, the VisionX keeps its minimum frame rate above 60. The competition sinks to 18 FPS or less, and cannot maintain playable averages.

The situation repeats itself in Skyrim. The VisionX manages a minimum 48 FPS, while the rest of the pack gets stuck below 15. The frame time variance is dismal, too, except for ASRock's solution.

We see the obvious advantage of discrete graphics when it comes to playability, but how does that affect power consumption and thermal performance in a compact chassis?

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