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Temperature Benchmarks

Seven Small (But Powerful) Mini-PCs, Reviewed

Now that we've measured power consumption during video playback, Sandra's Cryptography benchmark, and gaming, we want to see how hot these little systems get in the same tasks. Again, we start with a look at each machine sitting idle.

There's a surprisingly large thermal range just sitting at active idle (between 36 and 53 °C). Moreover, the passively-cooled LGX ML300 actually runs one degree cooler than ASRock's VisionX 420D.

The numbers tighten up to a range of 42 and 57 °C when we fire up HD video playback. Naturally, these small enclosures have a tougher time venting hot air than larger desktops. But none of the results are worrisome thus far.

Each PCs spikes early on in the chart, and then cools back down to its idle temperature. Again, we're surprised by how well the passively-cooled LGX ML300 deals with the heat of a dual-core platform compared to the competition.

Our last test measures GPU temperature during the Grid 2 benchmark. The VisionX's discrete GPU doesn't spike much higher than the integrated graphics processors, despite its superior performance.

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