Modifying An Asus A7V Motherboard For Duron-Overclocking

Modifications For Less Than 3 Dollars

Three components must be added to the Asus A7V to enable the multiplier settings according to the adjustments printed on the circuit board. A listing of the necessary components is shown in the table below.

Component Name Type Position on the board Price
DIP Switch 6 DIP adjacent to first DIP $1.50
Logic IC (SMD) 74F125 U42 $0.80
SMD Resistor 8-pin, 100 Ohm R16 $0.70
These components must be purchased for the modification of the Asus A7V. The financial expense is about 3 dollars.

The next picture shows what the individual components look like. The DIP block is available from most mail-order stores for electronic components. Getting your hands on the two SMD components might be a little more difficult: they should be available in stores specializing in electronics that usually offer a large variety of SMD components.

These are the individual components: 1 - DIP block with 6 switches, 2 - Logic-IC and 3 - multiple resistor.
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