Multimedia-Center: The Lan-Plus Integra

The Display

As I already mentioned, the 15" TFT display is designed for 1024x768 and a maximum of 16.7 million colors. It's commendable to stay with this resolution, as it perfectly fits the display size. Due to the static pixels, every smaller resolution has to be displayed by accepting big offsets and blurred display of text (so-called scaling). Everybody who ever saw a notebook booting should know what I mean.

Unfortunately I could not find any information about the display's response time. I tried several DVD movies to check the response time during heavily moving scenes. Good news from this point; there is no reason to be worried - the display is quite fast. I was also playing Unreal Tournament for some minutes. Personally I would not use the Integra for playing 3D games since I still prefer a (faster) CRT monitor. However, the response time should be fast enough for most players.

Brightness and contrast also did not cause any reason to complain. I was not satisfied with the viewing angle which is good both from the left and the right side, but not from the top. Looking down to the display, the information is quite dark.

Finally I would have preferred to get a flat panel, which runs via DVI - even if I lose the option to use any kind of graphics card this way.

Motherboard And RAM

The MSI board comes with Intel's 815E chipset (ICH2 with UltraATA/100), three PCI, two DIMM and one AGP slot. I'm sorry to say that Lan-Plus decided to go for a processor with the highest clock speed instead of building a smarter configuration. A Pentium III 800/133 with PC133 SDRAM would have been at least as fast and no more expensive than the Pentium III 850 with PC100 memory. Due to this 100 MHz processor, there was obviously no reason for the designers to use PC133 memory. That's sad, as you will have to either exchange the memory in order to run a FSB133 CPU, or you will lose at least some performance.

The maximum setup is a Pentium III 1 GHz with 512 MB PC133 SDRAM, which is quite a lot for a compact computer. You can also freely use every graphics card you want, as long as the power supply is able to supply your components!

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