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3dfx Voodoo3 3500TV

The board incorporates a combination connector (Vesa PnD) to which the external docking module (blue) is connected. This can also be used to select between S-video, Composite (cinch) and the audio connectors. The VGA monitor is connected to the extended connection (lower left in the figure).

3dfx Voodoo3 3500TV - Hardware

This figure shows you the American version of the Voodoo3 3500TV. This has two separate coax inputs for television and FM radio. The European version excludes the FM radio tuner, so you can only watch cable television. Your internal CD-ROM or DVD drive is connected to the internal audio IN/OUT connectors. The silver box is the Philips TV tuner. The Voodoo3 chip with an internal 350 MHz RAMDAC is clocked at 183 MHz and is located under the black heatsink.

At the back of the PCB, you'll see the Conexant Brooktree BT869. This handles video output encoding. The BT869 has a completely different role compared with Brooktree's VideoCrypt system decoder/capture chips (video in). The BT869 can therefore not be compared with the more common BT829, 848/9 or 878/9 chips.

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