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Seagate GoFlex Ultra-Portable Thunderbolt 1 TB

Nine External Thunderbolt Storage Devices, Rounded Up

Market Price
GoFlex Ultra-Portable Thunderbolt, 1 TB
(old bundle: STBA1000104)
GoFlex Ultra-Portable Thunderbolt Adapter
1 TB Backup Plus Ultra-Portable USB 3.0

Similar to Elgato's Thunderbolt SSD, Seagate's GoFlex Ultra-Portable Thunderbolt Adapter employs an Intel DSL2210 controller, meaning it can only be used at the end of a daisy chain or on its own. The good news is that it only costs $100, making the portable adapter a lot less expensive than the desktop version.

The Ultra-Portable Thunderbolt bundle is also in the middle of a product refresh. But it is worth noting that Seagate’s modular product formula simplifies an upgrade down the road. You can buy the storage now (in the form of a USB 3.0-equipped drive) and upgrade to Thunderbolt later when the technology stands to benefit you more.

Based on our performance numbers, it is frankly difficult to imagine buying the GoFlex Ultra-Portable Thunderbolt Adapter as an upgrade. Sequential read and write speeds top out around 110 MB/s, which is already roughly on par with the version sporting USB 3.0.

We can more easily imagine using this adapter in conjunction with a fast SSD, though. If you were attaching a solid-state drive to a desktop, you'd simply connect it internally to a SATA port. But most mobile systems don't give you that option. Thus, the GoFlex Ultra-Portable Thunderbolt adapter becomes an easy way to add a very fast 2.5” SATA-based device to a Thunderbolt-enabled notebook, while achieving near-native performance.

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