The MythTV Convergence: Unofficial Plug-ins

Xbox Applications

So far, you have seen MythTV capability extended to and from a variety of platforms and operating systems, from Mac OS to Windows, and even to Apple Powerbooks and iPods. This section is dedicated to a few components that do likewise for the Microsoft Xbox.


XBMC is a Python-based MythTV frontend console for the Xbox media center. This turns an Xbox gaming console into an instant MythTV frontend, and can produce standard definition television resolution with its reasonably powerful (roughly 733 MHz) processor but not much beyond that.

Additional Material

Here are a few remaining odds and ends that might further assist you in customizing your own MythTV network, or that might help you to simplify setup and operation. Three such examples follow.


AMICUS expands to Automatic Multimedia Installation Configuration Utility System. Essentially, it is a modified Debian distribution designed specifically for MythTV installation.


MythDora is a custom integrated Fedora Core / MythTV distribution (complete with custom logos that appear throughout the installation process). It supports easy setup and installation on home-built PC hardware.


KnoppMyth is yet another specialized distribution that targets the MythTV audience. This distro takes a subtle approach, whoever: instead of using custom installation packages like the two preceding entries, KnoppMyth is a live-cd distribution. This means that in a mere matter of minutes, you can get an operational MythTV frontend client up and running, for use with an existing MythTV backend server. Its simple setup, and quick, easy installation make it suitable for anyone who lacks Linux experience who wants to take it for a test drive on existing or custom-built PC hardware.


In its own unique way, MythTV offers plug-ins for almost everyone. While you may not find their installation process an ideal match for your time or knowledge constraints (or that compensate for any lack of desire to fumble through things the Linux way) you will find some viable capabilities in this odd jumble of unofficial software. They do permit MythTV to extend its reach to all kinds of devices. With continued development, they can help you to create a truly potent HTPC solution that scales to new plateaus, and reshapes the way we interact with entertainment media.

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