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Benchmark Results: Multimedia

Qnap TS-559 Pro+: Familiar Network Storage With A New CPU

For a better overview, we summarize the results sorted by RAID modes. For the purposes of comparison, we include the Synology DS1010+ in our charts, which we ran with firmware version 3.0.

In a direct comparison to its predecessor, the 1.66 GHz Intel Atom D510-equipped TS-559 Pro, the 1.8 GHz TS-559 Pro+ demonstrates an increase of just under 5 MB/s. In the other RAID modes, our testing also returns elevated data transfer values. However, as these range from 0.6 and 3.8 MB/s, they are not significant compared to the overall transfer rate.

More distinct differences are observable when looking at sequential reads. In RAID modes 0, 1, and 5, the speed increases by about 5 MB/s due to the higher processor clock speed. In the RAID 6 configuration we noted an increase of almost 17 MB/s. Apparently, the faster processor has more of an impact at double redundancy.

When transferring many small files ranging from four bytes to 102 KB, we see that the "+" model consistently delivers higher transfer rates than the Atom D510-equipped model. The increases were between 1.1 MB/s (RAID 1) and 2.7 MB/s (RAID 5) and are therefore not at all significant.

More benchmark results can be found in our image gallery.

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