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Results: Color Gamut And Performance

NEC EA294WMi 29" Monitor Review: 21:9 At Twice The Price

Color gamut is measured using a saturation sweep that samples the six main colors (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow) at five saturation levels (20, 40, 60, 80, and 100%). This provides a more realistic view of color accuracy. Since there are no color management controls on the EA294WMi, we're only showing the post-calibration graphs (although we’re sure they'd look pretty much the same out-of-box).

While this chart isn’t quite as good as the one generated by AOC's Q2963PM, it’s very close. All of the color points, at every saturation level, are within a hair of perfect. And aside from 100-percent blue, color luminance is superb as well. Since there is no way to adjust color on the EA294WMi, it’s possible that a second sample would measure slightly differently. Regardless, there is no visible error, and the observed performance is excellent.

Again, this display is in the top tier of performance for color accuracy. Only three other monitors have scored better in 2013. The EA294WMi is plenty accurate for professional work, unless you need the wider Adobe RGB 1998 gamut.

Gamut Volume: Adobe RGB 1998

There are basically two categories of displays in use today: those that conform to the sRGB/Rec 709 standard like HDTVs, and wide-gamut panels that show as much as 100 percent of the Adobe RGB 1998 spec. We use Gamutvision to calculate the gamut volume, based on an ICC profile created from actual measurements. We’ve expanded the chart from previous reviews to also include the sRGB gamut volume.

At 97.15 percent, NEC approaches the full sRGB gamut. It also comes a little closer to Adobe RGB 1998 than most other Rec 709. monitors at 70.9 percent. This screen is best suited for productivity, gaming, and entertainment, and it renders the full color gamut in those applications. While pros may need the wider 1998 spec, the EA294WMi’s superb color accuracy makes it well-suited for high-end photo work.

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