NEC and LaCie Lead On Professional LCD Gear

Color Rendering: Weak

We used the calibrator on the 2001FP and the results were adequate, but nothing more.

Remember that this chart shows the difference between the desired color shade and that actually displayed.

  • If DeltaE > 3, the color displayed is noticeably different from the theoretical one, which would be apparent to the viewer.
  • If DeltaE < 2, LaCie considers the calibration to be successful; some variation exists still, but it will be practically undetectable by the user.

Here, the image quality definitely improves after calibration, mostly in the darker shades. The basic quality of the monitor isn't exceptional, and keen photographers should take a close look at the calibration tests below.

  Black Spot White Spot Contrast
2001FP 0.62 160 258:1

These values were obtained at optimum calibration; in other words, with the brightness, contrast and color settings that provided the best calibration curve. Changing these optimum values - either contrast or brightness - results in a deteriorated calibration.

The black level is nothing out of the ordinary, but the brightness is well adapted to intensive use. We're miles on from the bizarre values of other screens on the market; the 2001FP is well-suited to daily long-duration use.

We then measured contrast stability while changing brightness.

This curve shows the contrast value obtained for each brightness level set using the OSD. In theory, brightness and contrast are two independent parameters and a good contrast level should be achievable regardless of the brightness setting. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case in practice; you can see here the relationship between the two, with brightness on the x-axis and contrast on the y-axis. Here contrast is expressed as a maximum percentage value measured according to ANSI standards.

It's professional quality, but I didn't expect anything less. Contrast stays constant whatever the panel's brightness settings, which will greatly expand the usable adjustment range of the product.

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