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Benchmark Results: Gaming And Multimedia

Tom's Definitive 10.1" Netbook Buyer's Guide: Fall 2010

As the graphics core clock is fixed, Atom-based systems do not exhibit any specific performance degradation when you move from AC to battery power. However, you will see this in most AMD-based graphic solutions, as Catalyst drivers provide a mechanism for performance management (PowerPlay).

Remember that Flash is mainly processor-limited for Atom-based systems, since there is no GPU acceleration. As a result, Atom-based systems will see screen tearing when you scroll, navigate, or even move your cursor on a Flash-based Web site. Hulu at 480p is limited to 24 FPS, so Acer is basically topping out here, as it benefits from Flash GPU acceleration.

We used Hulu at 480p because we haven’t received a clear answer on 360p's bitrate. It seems there are two 360p bitrates, and the one you get is dependent on the speed of your connection as well as the Hulu server load. We used 480p simply for consistency.

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