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Results: Low Quality, 1920x1080

A Free-To-Play MMO? Neverwinter Performance, Benchmarked

The detail settings stay low as we increase resolution to 1920x1080, seeing if any of these hardware combinations drop below the point of playability.

The only result that changes significantly from what we saw at 1280x800 comes from Intel's mobile Core i5-3210M with HD Graphics 4000. While this combination remains playable, its numbers are clearly lower than the platform-bottlenecked discrete cards on our socketed Core i3-3220. The A10-4600M looks a little better than the GeForce 210, but remains too slow to be viable.

The frame rates over time show us a clearer view of how these systems perform relative to one another.

Once again, the only significant latency comes from AMD's A10-4600M APU.

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