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Google+ Enhancements: History And Events

Reporting From Google I/O 2012: Nexus 7 And Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)

We still have mixed feelings about Google+. With Facebook and Twitter so prolific, it's hard to get excited about sinking time into another social network. That aside, its new features do look a lot more Facebook-eqsue.

The new Events feature, as its name suggests, allows you to collaborate on an event. You can send and accept invites, and see feedback live as folks discuss. Google then goes a step further and sorts the image you see cleverly. When you go to browse pictures from any given Event, the most commented-on shots are located up top. Then, you see pictures that others have tagged with you in them. After that, Google analyzes the degree of previous interaction you've had with friends attending the event and orders them appropriately.

Google+ History is in beta at this point, but it looks interesting. You're able to post your current activity, similar to Facebook. But you then use circles to designate permission levels. Let's say I'm reading "Cold War" by John Gaddis during work hours. I can put this in my Google+ profile, but I don't have to let my boss know.

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