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Google Play Isn't Just About Apps

The Nexus 7 Review: Google's First Tablet Gets Benchmarked

The Home Screen

The Nexus 7’s portrait-only home screen should be a familiar sight if you're an Android-based smartphone user. Its app switcher is located in the middle of quick-access icons stretched along the bottom of the screen. Also present are the standard back, home, and multitasking switcher buttons.

Remember that the Nexus 7 is designed to help sell new content via Google Play. Google is no longer satisfied offering only apps and music. Through Play, the company hopes you'll start buying movies, books, magazines, TV shows, and more. Once you purchase content, it'll automatically be displayed in the Nexus 7's Library widgets, viewable on the home screen panels.

Purchased apps, TV shows, music, books, and magazines are associated with your Google account. Movies are treated a bit differently, though. They're only available to rent through Google Play.

Building A Library

Tapping one of the library widgets takes you to a full listing of items purchased in that category.

Books And Magazines

Reading A BookReading A BookReading A MagazineReading A Magazine

Content can be viewed in either portrait or landscape mode.

Reading A MagazineReading A Magazine

Reading A BookReading A Book

Music And Movies

Books and magazines are readily available for offline viewing, but music and movies aren't necessarily. According to Google, "The Google Play Music application caches some of your online music temporarily on your device when you play it, so you may find that some of your music is available offline even if you don’t explicitly make it available for offline listening; but if internal storage gets tight, the application deletes these temporarily stored songs from the cache." Fortunately, Google publishes instructions for explicitly making music available offline.

The same limitations may also apply to TV shows and movies, but Google places even tighter restrictions on video content. "Purchased movies and TV shows can be downloaded on five devices at a time. Movie rentals can only be downloaded to one device at a time, and when downloaded, streaming of the movie rental will be disabled on your computer and any other devices. Removing the download of the movie rental will re-enable it for streaming or for downloading onto additional devices." The company also has instructions for explicitly making videos available offline.

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